Man Overboard

I re-uploaded Mexico to Spotify including Man Overboard, also added to Youtuve & Soundcloud -

New Single 'Jealousy' out on December 1st, pre-order HERE

Eyes On You

New track up on Soundcloud - 'Eyes On You'

Mastered by Reuben at Lurssen Mastering, CA

Listen out for the birds tweeting outside my window.

Life Vest (demo)

I just put an old demo of a track Life Vest on Soundcloud -

Would like to strip it back and re-record with a band, at the moment its got an early 90s Americana sound - Shawn Colvin, David Baerwald sorta thing. Which is just fine too.

New Song - What You See

New song up on Soundcloud, a demo - What You See

Wrote it at my parents kitchen table Friday night and recorded it Saturday morning.


I just uploaded a Lyric Video for the song 'Mexico' onto Youtube. See it HERE.

It is also available on iTunes, Spotify etc.

Trumpet by Tom Edwards

Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, CA

Thanks to @piersmac for helping with the vid.

Human Nature (cover)

I uploaded a cover of the Michael Jackson song Human Nature, click on the image below.

Lyric video of one of my tunes up in the next fortnight.

See ya.